We are seriously, enthusiastically, and joyfully committed to celebrating the story of redemption through Jesus Christ as we gather for worship every week. While our styles and methods may be informed by people, we hold the true character of our worship is set forth by God through his self-revelation in Scripture. Our worship is to be God-ward in direction, centered upon the work of Jesus Christ, and experienced in the Holy Spirit. That is to say, Christ should be both the object and subject of our worship. It is the Christ event that is celebrated and re-enacted in worship through our services and expressed most vehemently in the Lord’s Supper (communion).

Worship finds expression in our response to the initiative of God, offering spiritual sacrifices for who he is and what he has done. Simply stated, worship is the work or service of God’s people directed to him; that is, we do something (our worship service) for God when we gather together. The primary purpose of corporate worship is to gather with other Christians to express our love and allegiance to God. In other words, when we gather together, we worship not merely as individuals, but offer corporately our spiritual sacrifices with unified hearts and spirits; an act that cannot be done on one’s own. God speaks or acts, and we respond together in faith through words, actions, and symbols of faith.

There are many opportunities for involvement in the ministries of worship at Bradenton First Church of the Nazarene. We invite you to join with us if you’re an artist, musician, actor, dancer or have skills in technology.

For more information about this ministry, feel free to contact us at 941-794-1685, or email your inquiries to whurles@fcnbonline.org. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.



  •    Clerical Volunteers

Music Ministries

  •    Adult Choir

  •    Vocal/Instrumental Specials

  •    Worship Teams

  •    Handbells

Technical Ministries

  •     Audio Engineers

  •     Lighting Engineers

  •     Computer Technicians

  •     Camera Operators

  •     Stage Crew

Other Arts

  •     Graphic Artists

  •     Theatrical Arts

  •     Dance Team

  •     Reader’s Theater

  •     Environment Enhancement

Entertainment Evangelism

  •     There are various roles available for our special events throughout the year. (i.e. Hanging of the Greens, Good Friday, etc.) 

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