Bible Studies/Groups


Our church has so many wonderful Bible Studies and Small Groups to get involved in.
Look over the list and get plugged in!


Tuesday Stitchers Craft Group 9:30am WC-Room 101
Prayer Group 1:00pm WC-Room 101
 Sewing for Missions 9:00am  WC-Room 101
 Ladies Group Bible Study  6:00pm  WC-Room 101
 Oasis Bible Study for Adults  6:30pm  FLC-Room 209
 Spanish Bible Study  6:30pm  FLC-Room 206
 Men’s Bible Study  6:30pm   WC-Room 113
 First Kids  6:30pm  FLC-Room 210
 Preschool  6:30pm  FLC-Room 202
 One Student Ministry (6th – 12th grade) “Youth Group”  6:30pm  FLC-Room 205